Renee can customize a speaking topic for any event! Categories.  Women’s Health& Wellness,  Emotional Balance, Women Empowerment,  Women’s Fitness

Emotional Balance – Helping women identify their challenges and determine effective/applicable means of getting off of the emotional roller coaster. Attendees leave with self-help tips that enable them to find balance between work and play…family and self…etc…. read more

Motivational – Invigorating, power-packed presentations leave women encouraged to make steps to bring about positive changes in their lives. The high energy levels and individual affirmations that women leave with are indeed their new starting point for success….. read more

Women’s Empowerment –Demonstrating ideal strategies that help women make the necessary transitions in mind, body and spirit to reach the level of excellence they have always wantedExcellent educator who shows women how to make the necessary transitions in mind… body …and spirit to reach the level of excellence they have always wanted.  Whether it is overcoming career challenges in your career, learning the steps for healthy living, or gaining the spirituality you have longed for, women leave with proven strategies for better health and well-being….. read more


Renee Woodard-Few