Meet Renee

Bio Info:

Renee Woodard-Few is known by many as a dynamic motivational SPEAKER ~ PREACHER ~ TEACHER.

Her personal story of being healed from a serious neurological disorder is greatly impacting women and girls. In spite of the challenges – the many hurdles – the repeated struggles, she continually demonstrates the true value of diligence. Renee Woodard-Few gladly shares how she has been able to obtain abundance by just being “FAITHFUL over a FEW things”. Her down-to-earth style in dealing with everyday issues gives women the assurance that they can be victorious.

As an authentic educator, she captivates audiences and empowers them with skills and practical tools that lead to serious life transformation. We love to say, “That event was fun” … “I had a good time”! THAT’S GREAT! The question is – can women and girls remember what was shared? Can it be applied, once the event is over? Renee’s passion is being sure that women and girls can say yes to these kinds of questions. Her Empowerment seminars and Educational workshops implant in women/girls skills they need to remain “DILIGENT in their QUEST FOR EXCELLENCE”.

As a business woman, Renee Woodard-Few, consultant, provides very valuable coaching, powerful strategies and excellent promotional merchandise that can help companies grow. She helps companies determine how to best reach their targeted audience in marketing. In addition, she provides insight on generating positive results for your company’s—your group’s – your community’s – your staff’s — special events. She sells excellent promotional products to businesses, small and large, that can take them to a new level of EXCELLENCE!