Emotional Balance

Emotional Balance – Helping women identify their challenges and determine effective means of getting off of the emotional roller coaster. Attendees leave with self-help tips that enable them to find balance between work and play, family and self. Empowering women with strategic tools and strategies.


Subjective well-being (SWB) refers to how people experience the quality of their lives and includes both emotional reactions and cognitive judgments.[1] Psychologists have defined happiness as a combination of life satisfaction and the relative frequency of positive and negative affect.[2] SWB therefore encompasses moods and emotions as well as evaluations of one’s satisfaction with general and specific areas of one’s life.[3] Concepts encompassed by SWB include positive and negative affect, happiness, and life satisfaction. Positive psychology is particularly concerned with the study of SWB.[4] SWB tends to be stable over time[3] and is strongly related to personality traits.[5] There is evidence that health and SWB may mutually influence each other, as good health tends to be associated with greater happiness,[6] and a number of studies have found that positive emotions and optimism can have a beneficial influence on health.